Monday, June 23, 2014

Really seeing a tree and not looking back like Lot's wife....

I am staying in Portales and I am giddy haha, yep my comp is staying too and I am cool with that. We get work done here together it is so awesome.

The world is a weird place, filled with so much of everything. We are living in a time where nothing is impossible and the dreams of the past are a reality, as well as the nightmares. We are living on a planet made for us, by Jesus Christ himself. We have the beauty of it all around us, there is beauty in everything.

I was talking to a man on the street the other day and we were talking about Christ and what he has done for us all, because he is the center of everything without him this plan could not happen. But as we were talking to this man, he tells us to turn around and to look at the tree. He asked us what we saw and we said. “Well, it is a tree?” And he said, “Look deeper, the deeper you go the more you see Christ. He is in everything, we just have to look and see him”. God made that tree for me to see and to get joy out of. We seriously can find joy in anything Christ has made if we really look at it.

Its weird to think of me before the mission and who I was. I can’t really imagine what I was like. I feel like I must have been so lost all of the time. I knew about the gospel before I left.  I knew about Christ, but really I didn’t know. I am about to hit my year mark, but before I do that I am going to do some serious meditation on life. On the changes God has made in me in the last year. What He has shown me that I need to be. This last year I have been taught so much and now in this year to come I am going to take what God has given me, this gift of life and true happiness and give it all. Give me to God. No regrets, no looking behind. I cannot be like Lot’s wife. I have begun to find who I really am. Take what you know. Take what you have learned, think about it, pray about it, and truly think about why God has given you that knowledge. I know He has given it to you in preparation for something. Something big is going to happen soon. We all need to be ready with our spiritual armor. I am preaching right now I feel, but I want you to know how important what I am saying truly is. We need to be ready.

Take the time we have been given. Take this world we have been given and do something impossible. Overcome what you never thought you could. Do what you never thought you had the strength to do. I am so livid with the precious time I have wasted.  I know that by now I could have done such extraordinary things if I would have had this knowledge earlier. But now I am going to start. And I challenge you to start with me. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and it’s the beginning of everything. This is the First day of my life. So let’s Begin. 

Elder Keegan

P.S. The picture is exactly what it looks like…I dig frozen. 

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