Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tornado, a red shirt and socially awkward in the Promised Land

We are unstoppable, we will not be defeated! Brothers and sisters I have found the Promised Land and it is Portales New Mexico! I know, who would have ever thought, but I assure you it is. I am happier than a little school girl this week!

SO one cool thing about Portales is that there is a college here and there are still a ton of kids on campus taking summer courses, so I get to talk to people my own age. But the down fall is, I am socially awkward now when I talk to kids my own age because I am used to old men and old women and people with a ton of kids so yah, it’s pretty cool!.

Missionary work here is amazing, as well the people here are so nice and everyone is willing to at least talk to us and be nice. It is such a change from my previous area. I now have regained hope in humanity :) I have been so blessed with my new companion too, his name is Elder Marchant, he is a hard worker and he knows his stuff. He is 19 and from Syracuse, Utah and we seriously just bounce of each other when teaching and it is a beautiful thing.

This week I decided I wanted to do something new and kinda different for missionary work. During our morning prayers I asked Heavenly Father to let us know who the elect person of the day was and to help us to know who it was by him wearing the color red. I was kinda just joking around and thought it would be fun. But to my surprise, we found Israel. He is 23 and married with 1 son. His mother is LDS and he has wanted to learn more and be baptized for a long time. (He was wearing a red Coca Cola t-shirt). God has a sense of humor, I think I forget that sometimes, but He is willing to show us what we need to do and who is prepared even if it is in a fun way. 

Also this week was fun because we had a severe tornado warning with a cloud that turned green over our head and stated circling, but we didn’t hear any 
sirens or anything and we didn’t really know what was going on cause it was kinda dark outside. But luckily we have our Zone Leaders who sent us a text and all we knew was this "hey get inside", so that was fun haha. I am glad it didn’t touch down or anything like that and I wish the communication to missionaries was better sometimes, haha but hey the Lord’s hands are in all things right:)

Well I am a happy camper and I have more things to talk about next week, but I love you guys so much and miss you all keep on keepin’ on! 

Love Keegan

Love Keegan

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