Monday, November 4, 2013

This is how the mission should be...

Hello New York!!!!!!!!! This Elder Keegan Fjeldsted Christensen coming to you live from the hospital is Amarillo Texas, temperature is a solid 51 degrees with a wind chill that makes it 30 it is beautiful and I couldn’t ask for more. This life is a lot different than the life I used to live in San Angelo not going to lie it’s a lot more poor and very few people speak good English its awesome haha. This is how the mission should be. Everyone is willing to talk to us and that is cool but no one is there when we go back so that’s kinda hard.

We baptized Tomas On Saturday and he is one beautiful son of god it was a way cool experience that was a blessing to be a part of. It goes to show that no matter what you have gone through in your life you can do anything with the Lords help and I know that to be true with every fiber of me haha.

Our ward is super weird not going to lie it’s kind of like I’m in a crazy foreign land or something like that. It is really small and the lights make it seem like I’m in prison but the people are all super nice and amazing we had dinner at someone’s house the other night he is the coolest guy in the entire world I loved it God bless America

So I said I would tell you about my homeless friend idk if I already did but he got an apt now so I wanted to share that with you too. We first met him and he had nowhere to live hadn’t eaten in days and he looked like he was about to die and he said he needed our help so the Lord was there to pick him up. We said that if we prayed and he truly had the faith that the Lord would help him that he would make it through these hard times and then we parted ways. Later that day he was walking buy this restaurant and this guy was like hey I feel like I need to feed you for some reason I need to. You can come here every day and I will give you a meal. Blessing number 1 from praying. Then later he was walking down the street and all of these cop cars came up to him and were like get in get in. so he was like okay and he got in the car and they were like you murdered this guy and strangled his girlfriend an hour ago and we are taking you to jail for the rest of your life there is no way you are getting off for this we never make a mistake. so they pull up to the girl who he supposedly strangled and she said that that was him and they started to take him to the police station and they started filling out the report and at this time my friend was in tears and he PRAYED that the lord would help him and said that he had the faith. Then the lady doing the report right after he finished said, “wait a minute.... you don’t have black eye brows” and he was like I know (he’s Bald). Then she was like you’re not the guy..... and he was like I know! and then the cop was like here is ten bucks don’t tell anyone about this and they shoved him on the side of the road... he found us later that week and told us everything and how he wants to meet with us and how he knows God is there and now we are meeting with him and he got a job at that place that was feeding him and he has a place to stay and he knows it all because of the Lord.

Ya it was a little scary that when he was telling us this there was a murderer loose right by us but we still were overjoyed and I am here to say God answers prayers so everyone pray and have faith like Alma when he prays to be loosed from his chains then he rips them out of the wall and the whole building collapses it is awesome!

Okay, I love you all, be safe, be strong. Life is hard I know it but we must carry on!
Elder Keegan Christensen

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