Monday, November 11, 2013

Be a good neighbor like they used to be in the sixties and fifties...

1) Not any pictures with Amarillo people yet, except for Tomas, but I will try to get more to you I promise. I don’t have too much time because I am sending about a thousand pictures today, so the letter is going to be short but the memories forever ;). (Keegan did send 32 pictures, I will attach 6 and the rest will be on the blog. The big guy is CJ who was a ward missionary in San Angelo, then Tomas getting baptized, some of the many strange signs in Amarillo and one of Elder Chuck his new comp fixing the bike.)
2) Nah, nothing really I want to much for Christmas or Thanksgiving, but I will think about it this week and get back to you haha
3) Yes, I did talk with my mission president, needless to say we are besties haha, not really but we are alright. Sister Augustin is my girl though, we talk all the time about life, love and you mom, it is wonderful ahha.

 Amarillo is fun. I like it a lot, the people are so nice it’s not even funny, just random people feed us and are like come here, I will listen to you, teach me about God, but then they don’t want you to ever come back again. Will they say they do, then they are not there and it is kinda sad haha. 
Okay so this week we knocked a street. And we felt inspired to do so, but not a single person wanted to hear our message, not one. And everyone was home. But before we left each house every person said, be careful on this street and similar things like that, every house without fail. Which made me think that no one knows their neighbors really, that they all think they are bad people, never gave them the chance to get to know them, so reach out get to know your neighbors. Be a good neighbor like they used to be in the sixties and fifties. Sure the times have changed, but seriously the teachings back then were beautiful. 

The Book of Alma could be the coolest movie ever made if it were made into one. I know that for a fact haha. I also am teaching Edna, Mario and John. They are all scheduled to be baptized. I will tell you more next week I promise, but pray that they will do it and be comforted. 

Thank y'all for everything. I love you . Now enjoy some signs in Amarillo haha. Elder Keegan

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