Monday, January 26, 2015

Staying in San Angelo and insights from the garden with Adam this week...

“Can't Stop, Addicted to the mission”, - Red Hot Chili Peppers “Can’t Stop”

One more week down here in San Angelo, Texas and the news is in! I am staying here for another six weeks and Elder Severson is leaving. I am livid! Haha I am going to miss him. It was so rad serving here with him no joke, one of my best friends.

This week was sweet, our investigator couple came to church this week which was rad! They said it was different. We asked them if that was good or bad and they said they didn't was just different than anything they had ever experienced. So we talked a little bit more and we came to find out that they had felt the spirit so strong in the meeting, more than they have ever felt in their lives they couldn't even comprehend it. Haha it was awesome.

Also raked some leaves for a lady in our ward who just had surgery during a rain storm. (I think the leaf raking was in the rain, not the surgery J). It was so fun haha. I never knew how hard it was to rake stupid wet leaves! Haha but it turned into a leaf fight between me Sevey and Maxton, the lady we were raking leaves for 5 year old son. It was an all-out war haha.

I think I have learned more about how to have a successful marriage this week through the scriptures and it was incredible! Check this out. So it took me a while and I have a lot more insights than this, (so if you want to know them I would be happy to tell you just send me a letter:). Okay I was studying about Adam and Eve this week a lot, and their whole purpose in the garden and how they were given two commandments. 1 to multiply and replenish the earth (make babies) and 2 to not partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As we all know in order for Adam and Eve to have children they had to partake of the tree, so they could learn and further progress because before they took of the fruit they were essentially children and children do not know how to have kids. Anyway as we know Eve partook of the fruit. I tried to put myself in the garden with them this week and in Adam’s shoes as I was studying. Eve partook of the fruit without first consulting it with Adam. I bet that hurt Adam’s feelings. Eve went and made this massive decision that would ultimately kick her out of the garden and leave Adam. And she didn't even talk to him about it first. I thought about it a lot, and I believe that Adam had the same ultimate goal as Eve did, but if Eve would have talked about it with Adam first the hurt would not be there.

So for all the couples out there, just like my investigator family I taught this week, I leave you with a challenge. Set goals together as a family. I am willing to bet that if you talk about it, your goals will be the same. And if you talk about it, pray about it and become unified as a family working together towards the same goals, it will only bring you closer as a family. It is absolutely incredible how this is. I shared this with my investigators this week and I have already began, as well as they have, to see a difference in the love they have for one another and the understanding they have. When we all really know what we are doing together here on this earth, working together as a unified family because nothing in this world is more important than Jesus Christ and families, there is a difference. I promise you that…idk why I was prompted to share this with you today, but I promise as you do this your families overall happiness will increase.

I love guys and I am here for you :)

Love elder c

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