Monday, October 21, 2013

Life is good. I’m happy and I hope you all feel happy...

Hello my name is Keegan Christensen and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

I am about to embark on another thirteen hour bus ride to the beautiful city of Amarillo, TX. With my new companion Elder Chuck. I bet his first name is Norris. I’ve only heard "things" about him, so I am excited haha. I am going to miss San Angelo though. It has really started to grow on me and I feel like a ten year old on the mission leaving his home. This week was interesting without Elder Ashton. I had to step up my game even more and it was worth it. Being two people in training and doing it alone is actually a good idea, we had some good times.

So we took a hike to try to find this giant like-hundred-foot cross this morning, but we couldn't find it, instead we saw like fifty snakes so we screamed like little girls and now we are besties haha.

The Primary Program was this week and it was all I hoped for and more. We had five investigators there and I was like, okay Michelle (that's who I was sitting next to) there is always that one kid that screams every song and he will be your favorite. Sure enough little Eric came through for me in the clutch haha. They loved it and the spirit was totally there and the entire crowd was friends by the end of it and I think that every one of my investigators will be okay when I go.

Elder Morgan is staying here in San Angelo and getting two new comps. One that has been out for a year and Elder Kennedy my MTC comp. It’s pretty cool. Haha they will love it.

So this week there was a tornado warning and it was awesome because it was like a blue sky then all the sudden these purple clouds roll in, then it starts hailing and it’s like 70 degrees outside. It was crazy with a ton of wind. We were out trying to find people, but no one was outside for some reason. It was weird. So we knocked some doors, but no one was home either. I think they may have been in the bath tub. God bless America.

I am excited for snow...

Okay this week was a way spiritual week. I cried. So Michelle and Margret live in our apartment complex and Margret has been like a mom to me on my mission. She is from Scotland and Michelle is her daughter and Michelle isn't a member and she just moved here from Utah and her boyfriend who is a member is going on a mission and she is going to wait for him. And she has had the missionary discussions six different times. But now she saw us and walked up to us and was like, “hey, I want you to give me the lessons”, one day before we even knew who she was. So we were pretty stoked. haha And we have taught her twice and she said she didn't get an answer to her prayer, but she had a dream and it was just her and the Salt Lake Temple. Anyway, I started crying and explained life and bore testimony, then everyone started crying. God is awesome, haha holy crap; He really does answer prayers, like He does. For any question, and I know that I was sent here for her to find me… God needed me here... and that seriously strengthened me as a person that God gave me that gift. God’s ways are higher than our ways, Isaiah 55. Life is good. I’m happy and I hope you all feel happy. Michelle was concerned that she wasn’t worthy of the gift, that she has done too much wrong...... and really I think we all have that thinking. And we should, haha we really don't deserve this gospel, we don't deserve Christ’s atonement, but it was given to us... freely... and it’s ours whether we want it or not. And that really kinda opened my eyes a little bit. Well I love y’all.

I’m fixin’ to go pack my bags and ship out, but I want y’all to know I love you and I am here for you, but so is Christ, He is your best friend haha. I think me and him are bros now. It’s pretty cool.

Stay strong

You are you for a reason

Elder Christensen

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