Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Howdy y’all this week in San Angelo has been awesome and super super sad...

Okay so here we are on a Tuesday because the library is closed on Monday....I know many of your hearts cried when my email wasn't sent yesterday, but no need to fear it’s here.. haha jk.

Howdy y’all this week in San Angelo has been awesome and super super sad haha.

So my companion Elder Morgan who was going to the hospital to get his blood tested, turned out to have a thyroid problem just like me, so we truly are twin brothers.....for my other companion things weren't so lucky.......Elder Ashton my trainer was sent home this morning because he needs to get hip surgery....I cried, I will admit it. It’s weird he was the greatest trainer in the world and I miss him, haha. So me and Elder Morgan are now together and we are both in training, so this apparently has never happened before and we are pioneers. It’s sweet.

Our investigators are doing awesome. Haha. David came to Sacrament!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the gentleman who had not left his home in 15 years). He loved it so much he cried and so did we. We warmly embraced each other with a 3 minute hug......yep...... haha. Wendy is awesome, we have been and still are teaching all of her friends and we set a baptismal day with Cassandra. Cassandra is living with Wendy. She is a 61 year old alcoholic that got so drunk, she got alcohol poisoning and now she wants to change her life around and it is so cool. She’s 4'9" and like a little bowling ball. She’s awesome haha and we are teaching like 9 others who I will report on in other weeks so y’all won’t get bored of this stuff.

I ate a three pound burger this week..... it was called the beast burger.......I have gained a fair amount of weight since I’ve been here..... God bless America...

Oh yah, and I went on this exchange with the Spanish elders. We laughed, we cried and we taught a ton of people in Spanish.... I don't know Spanish, but it was awesome anyway. I would bare my testimony in English and Elder Lemmon would translate. It’s amazing how the spirit works.

My message for this week is about how we shouldn't have to hit rock bottom.

So often it takes people till they are in the lowest of their lows to turn to our Father in Heaven... this is crazy, why don't we recognize Him now, before we hit our lowest points? I know that life is hard, but I also know that through our Father in Heaven and through Jesus Christ’s Atonement anything is possible and anyone can be saved....anyone.

Sorry today has been a hard day, will everyone please pray for my companion Elder Landon Homer Ashton and maybe give him a hand of comfort when he gets home tomorrow. He lives in West Jordan. Food for thought.

And also I am fixin to get transferred this week, so don't send any letters until I get my new address. I love y’all. Elder Christensen

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